Location of the Property

Nestled in the heart of Kohima, The Blue Bayou stands as an exquisite boutique hotel, offering a blend of elegance, convenience, and historical significance. Situated directly opposite the renowned Second World War Cemetery, our hotel offers a unique and historically poignant backdrop for your stay.

The strategic location of The Blue Bayou ensures that guests have easy access to the best that Kohima has to offer. Located less than a kilometer from the city’s taxi stand and bus station, our guests find it incredibly convenient to arrive and depart from our establishment. Furthermore, all the vibrant shopping areas of Kohima are within walking distance from the hotel, making it an ideal choice for avid shoppers.

The Second World War Cemetery, with its serene and manicured green lawn, is just a stone’s throw away from our hotel. This sacred site, dedicated to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives during the war, provides a tranquil place for reflection and an afternoon of peaceful contemplation. It offers guests a unique opportunity to connect with the history and pay their respects to the fallen heroes of the past.

At The Blue Bayou, we take pride in offering not only a comfortable and luxurious stay but also a location that allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Kohima. Whether you wish to explore the town’s attractions or simply savor the tranquil ambiance of the war cemetery, our boutique hotel serves as the perfect hub for your stay in Kohima. We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring that your experience is both enriching and memorable.

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