First Aid Kit

At The Blue Bayou, the safety and well-being of our guests are our top priorities. In the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, we have established a comprehensive and swift response system to provide immediate assistance and care.

To address minor medical concerns, we keep a well-equipped first aid box readily available at our reception. Our trained staff can provide initial aid, ensuring that guests receive immediate attention.

In cases of more serious medical emergencies, we act promptly upon receiving intimation. Our dedicated team will make immediate arrangements for a doctor to attend to the guest’s needs. Whether it’s a consultation, treatment, or any necessary medical intervention, we ensure that the guest’s health is the foremost concern, and our response is immediate and effective.

We understand the importance of being prepared for unforeseen situations, and our commitment is to provide our guests with a sense of security and support during their stay, ensuring that any medical emergency is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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