About Blue Bayou

The Blue Bayou, a renowned establishment in the hospitality industry, is continuously expanding to meet the diverse needs of its discerning clientele. With a focus on providing top-notch accommodation options, the Blue Bayou is in the process of constructing an annex behind its main building that will feature ten additional rooms.

These new rooms are designed to offer guests a comfortable and luxurious stay, ensuring their experience is nothing short of exceptional. The annex will complement the existing eight air-conditioned rooms, categorizing them into four Superior Twin Bed, two Deluxe, and four Premier rooms.

The Superior Twin Bed rooms provide guests with a spacious, well-appointed setting featuring two comfortable twin beds. These rooms are perfect for guests who prefer separate sleeping arrangements while enjoying the company of their fellow travelers.

For those seeking an elevated level of luxury, the Deluxe rooms are an excellent choice. Each Deluxe room is furnished with a king-size bed, offering a generous sleeping space for couples or solo travelers. The king-size bed is designed to provide a restful night’s sleep, ensuring guests wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

The Premier rooms, which consist of two king-size beds, are ideally suited for larger groups or families. These spacious accommodations offer the flexibility of having multiple beds, ensuring everyone in the group can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

The new annex’s construction is a testament to Blue Bayou’s commitment to meeting the evolving demands of its esteemed guests. The design and amenities of these rooms will reflect the high standards of comfort and luxury that the Blue Bayou is known for. Guests can expect an unforgettable experience in this new expansion, surrounded by the same excellent service and attention to detail that have been the hallmark of the Blue Bayou’s legacy in the hospitality industry. As the construction progresses, we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome guests to these exceptional new accommodations, further enhancing their stay at the Blue Bayou.

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